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Laravel is a powerful open source PHP framework created with an intention to develop web applications following MVC architecture. As of 2015 March, Laravel has gained popularity as one of the most popular frameworks in PHP. Laravel Syntax is a highly expressive and elegant giving the websites developed with it an artistic touch. Having its source code hosted on GitHub and licensed under MIT, Laravel is easily accessible yet very powerful equipped with enormous tools that are required to build large robust applications. Laravel makes development easy and less time consuming by easing various common tasks such as authentication, sessions, routing, caching and queueing used in majority of web applications.

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We are one of the leading Laravel Development companies in India. Our core team has more than 25 years of experience in the field of IT and software development and consists of IIT Alumnus and IIM associates. We have successfully worked and completed thousands of client projects and have added 1000+ loyal clients to our database. We take our pride on having been able to add competent and technically sound human resources that have mastered their field of work and know exactly how to customize the product as per client demand and market requirement.We are not only involved in client projects and software Development but also as our part of CSR activity, we are into training and development of IT Students without charging them for the same. Our experienced team focuses on overall development of the trainees by grooming them and preparing them industry ready in different development platforms.


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Laravel was created as an attempt towards providing a highly advanced alternative to CodeIgniter framework as CodeIgniter was not capable of accommodating certain features like built-in support for user authorization and authentication. This attempt of Taylor Otwell, the originator of Laravel made the creation of this advanced framework possible and opened the doors of new opportunities for the developer community.

The first beta release of Laravel was made public on 9th of june in the year 2011 followed by Laravel 1 in the later part of the same month which came with build in support for authorization, authentication, localisation, views, models, sessions including routing and other advanced mechanisms overcoming the limitations of CodeIgniter but lacked in support for controllers feature which prevented it from being a proper MVC framework.

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The next version of Laravel (Laravel 2) was released in the same year in the month of September, incorporating various improved features from the creator and the community as well. This version of Laravel included new features and excluded certain features of the previous version to comply with the MVC framework structure. Laravel 2 was improvised incorporating new features including command line interface, built in support for DBMS, database migration, support handling and a packaging system to give way to Laravel 3 which was released during February 2012. Laravel 3 expanded the user base and popularity of Laravel framework.

Laravel 4 (named as Illuminate), which was an entire revise of the framework was made available in May 2013. The layout of Laravel 4 was prepared by migration of the layout of the Laravel framework into a set of separate packages circulated through composer that served as an application level package manager. This very layout improved the extendibility of this release.

In February 2015 Laravel 5 was released with some internal changes including some improved new features. Laravel 5 was followed by Laravel 5.1, which was released in the month of June in the same year. Laravel 5.1 is the first of Laravel capable of receiving long term support with planned availability of bug fixing and security patch features for 2 years and 3 years respectively. These Long Term Support (LTS) releases are planned to be repeated in each two years interval.


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